10 Delicious Spider Cupcake Recipes

Cupcakes are a great treat to serve at any kind of party.

Birthdays, halloween, weddings – they are just a delightful little taste of cake that won’t spoil a dinner. They are also easy to decorate and have fun with – you can pretty much design your cupcakes to suit any kind of theme!

So what about spiders?

They may be creepy and gross to some people, but not when they are made out of icing and perched on top of a cupcake! Spider cupcakes are ideal for Halloween parties, but if you want to make some spider-themed cupcakes for whatever reason, then we have some recipes down below that will help you make some amazing spider cupcakes.

They use chocolate, cookies, and even icing to make the perfect spider cupcake – so have a look and find the right recipe for you!

1. Oreo Spider Cupcakes

Did you know that you can make cupcakes using Oreos? It’s true! Oreo cupcakes are a great way to make a cupcake that is both soft and fluffy, yet crunchy. The diversity in texture makes this recipe a real treat, as well as the extra chocolate and cream flavors that come with Oreo cookies!

It’s a great way to serve up both cupcakes and cookies at a party in a fun and creative way, especially to those who can’t get enough of some classic Oreo cookies (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?).

The recipe is very simple and easy to follow so you will have the perfect batch of Oreo spider cupcakes in no time at all! Just give them a try!

2. Coconut Sprinkle Spider Cupcakes

Cupcakes are very sweet treats, but to some the sweetness can taste artificial and sickly. For a spider cupcake recipe that brings a more natural and tropical sweetness to your palette, try out this recipe that uses coconut sprinkles to make the spider’s body!

Not only is this cupcake recipe pleasantly sweet, but the cupcakes are also flaky and crunchy in texture. This combines amazingly well with the fluffiness of the cake’s body, making these cupcakes a real treat to try out.

And if the spider design looks a little complex, don’t worry! The steps are very easy to follow and the ingredients it uses are also very easy to find at your local store.

So if you want a batch of unique spider cupcakes, try out this recipe for some coconut sprinkle spider cupcakes!

3. Chocolate and Banana Spider-Web Cupcakes

Some spider-web cupcakes will go amazing next to your spider cupcakes so make some of these delicious treats yourself. They mix things up on the party table with their intricate and unique design, which is way easier to make than you think!

Thanks to this very simple recipe, you can whip up a batch of spider-web cupcakes that also taste very different. By combining the ever popular flavors of chocolate and banana, these spider web cupcakes will also bring a different taste to the party. With a thick chocolate top layer that hardens as it cools, serve up a delicious chocolatey treat at your next Halloween party!

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4. Quick And Easy Cake Mix Spider Cupcakes

Sometimes, we haven’t got the time to go looking for lots of different ingredients. Perhaps you need a quick way to make some spider cupcakes or you have a box of cake mix you need to use up. If you need to make some spider cupcakes using ready to go ingredients, then here is a recipe for you!

This recipe is very quick and easy, requiring only a few ingredients that you most likely already have in your kitchen cabinets. It’s a very minimalist recipe that is ideal for those who don’t like a lot of steps or fuss when it comes to baking, yet still produces some very tasty results.

This recipe uses licorice for the spider legs and candies for the body, making these cupcakes very sweet and delicious. With thick frosting and a fluffy body, these cupcakes are sure to go down a treat!

5. Pretzel Spider Cupcakes

If you want your spider cupcakes to really stand out and be completely unique, then try out this recipe for pretzel spider cupcakes!

Instead of using traditional icing or licorice, this recipe uses pretzel sticks to make the spider’s legs so you can bring a little extra crunch and savoriness to your party cupcakes. It sounds like it shouldn’t work – but it totally does. The flavor of the pretzels pairs very well with the moist chocolate body of the cupcakes, making these versions of spider cupcakes totally out there!

So if you know your kid also loves pretzels, then bring something a little more personal and creative to their Halloween party by using pretzel sticks in your spider cupcake design!

6. Candy Spider Cupcakes

What is one of the first things that comes to mind when you think of Halloween? Candy!

So, it is obvious that when it comes to making spider themed cupcakes for your Halloween party, you include as much traditional food as you can. This recipe does just that as it uses candies like licorice, candy corn and red hot candies to make some spooky spider decorations!

This makes the cupcakes very sweet but also very chewy. This complements the fluffy cupcake body perfectly so you can serve up a very sweet treat at your Halloween party! This recipe is perfect for channeling the holiday spirit, so try it out and enjoy!

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7. Chocolate Caramel Spider Cupcakes

For a seriously indulgent cupcake treat, try out this recipe for some chocolate caramel spider cupcakes!

They are a great choice to go with if you want to serve up some flavors that differ from traditional cupcakes yet still taste sweet and rich. The body of this cupcake is incredibly moist and delicious thanks to this recipe using plenty of wet ingredients like mayonnaise and yogurt to get a really gooey texture.

Don’t worry – these cupcakes don’t taste like mayonnaise! Instead they are rich in flavors of chocolate caramel, and even a slight nuttiness from the peanut ingredients. Combined with fluffy frosting, these spider themed cupcakes are packed with indulgent flavors that will satisfy adults and kids alike!

8. Marshmallow Spider Web Cupcakes

Another great recipe for some spider web themed cupcakes is this one that uses delicious melted marshmallows!

Spider web cupcakes are a great way to break up the monotony of spider cupcakes so you can serve up a platter that is eye-catching and well designed. So, if you want some that are soft and gooey and sweet, this recipe melts marshmallows into a sticky mess to spread over the cupcake frosting.

Beware! You will have to get your hands messy with this recipe to make the perfect spider webs out of your marshmallows, so this is a great recipe to try out with the kids for some fun!

9. Vegan and Gluten Free Spider Cupcakes

Living a vegan or gluten free lifestyle does not mean that your kids have to miss out on all the fun. Cupcakes can easily be made using substitutes to make vegan and gluten free cupcakes that can be enjoyed by everyone! No more will dietary needs restrict your kids – serve up some cupcakes made using this recipe so they too can enjoy some spider themed cupcakes!

This recipe uses substitutes like almond milk, vegan chocolate chips, applesauce and coconut palm sugar to help make some very sweet cupcakes that will suit most people’s needs. Plus, you can barely taste a difference – these cupcakes taste just as good as regular cupcakes!

So if you need to make some gluten free cupcakes, try out this recipe!

10. Chocolate and Peanut Butter Spider Cupcakes

And finally, we have this recipe that goes all out!

These spider cupcakes combine the sweetness and richness of chocolate with the nuttiness of peanut butter, making for some creamy frosted cupcakes that taste absolutely delicious!

This recipe also uses dates to decorate the cupcake with a unique spider design so it is perfect if you are looking for a candy alternative for your spider! They bring a delicious stickiness to your cupcakes along with a rich caramel taste that will remind you of toffee, pairing amazingly well with the peanut butter frosting.

So if you want to make some seriously flavorful cupcakes, try out this recipe for some great peanut butter inspired spider cupcakes!

Frequently Asked Questions

When Can I Serve Spider Cupcakes?

Spider cupcakes are ideal for Halloween or spooky-themed parties, but really you can bake them at any time. If you know a child who likes bugs or Spider-Man, then they may enjoy some spider cupcake treats for their birthday. Truly, it is up to you.

Will Making Spider Cupcakes with my Child Make Them Less Afraid of Spiders?

It might help your child be less afraid of spiders. Kids really react to their parents, and a lot of them learn to be afraid of spiders after seeing an adult’s reaction to them. Make these cakes with your kid and talk about spiders in a tone and using language that you would use when talking about more traditionally cute insects like butterflies or ladybugs.

However, it is not a sure fire way to get them to be more confident around spiders but it may help – it all depends on the child.

Can I Just Use Plastic Spiders for the Decorations?

You can but this option comes with a few problems. Those plastic spiders may be a choking hazard if one eager kid bit into the cake without realizing the spiders are not edible. Plus, most spider decorations are most likely made of plastic which is not very environmentally friendly.

If you don’t want to make the spiders yourself, try and find some edible rice paper cupcake toppers with spider designs.

Final Thoughts

And that is it!

There are ten different recipes for some spider-themed cupcakes. Each recipe is quick and easy to do (some more than others) but all of them will leave you with a bunch of spider cupcakes that all look fantastic and taste amazing when served up.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab some ingredients and start cooking up some spider cupcakes! Serve them at parties or cake sales, or just enjoy them all to yourself – we don’t judge.


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