15 Chocolate Muffin Recipes You Can Try Tonight

Muffins are one of our favorite baked goods. They are so versatile. You could have them for breakfast, as a snack throughout the day, or even for dessert. They are hearty but are also light and airy at the same time. They are simply divine.

There are so many great flavors that work with muffins. You could have berries in the morning, a savory cheese muffin in the afternoon, and a sweet caramel muffin in the evening.

However, there is one flavor of muffins that works any time of the day. Chocolate muffins. You might think having chocolate muffins at any hour of the day is a bit strange.

The idea of chocolate at breakfast is daunting to some. We totally get why you might think this, but trust us, they are perfect for any time of the day.

15 Chocolate Muffin Recipes You Can Try Tonight

Chocolate muffins are so versatile. You can make them however you want. You can make them not too sweet for breakfast, or you could make them intensely rich for dessert.

They can even be paired with other foods like custard as a dessert. Have them with some fruit and you’ve got a hearty breakfast.

There are so many ways to make the perfect chocolate muffin. If you are new to making muffins or want to try a new muffin recipe then this is the place to be.

We have created a list of 15 chocolate muffin recipes that you can try tonight. Read on to find out all the ways you mix up your chocolate muffin recipe.

1. Chocolate Muffins

Chocolate Muffins
Source: BBC Good Food

We are starting this list off with a classic tasty chocolate muffin recipe. This is a great recipe for beginners to try as it is simple to follow. This recipe makes light muffins perfect for the family to enjoy.

If you are in the mood for a classic chocolate muffin, this is the recipe for you to follow.

2. Double Chocolate Muffins

This is the recipe for those who love an intensely rich chocolate muffin. If a rich and decadent muffin, loaded with chocolate chips in every bite sounds appealing to you, this is the recipe for you to make.

3. Triple Chocolate Chunk Muffin

Triple Chocolate Chunk Muffin
Source: Dr. Oetker

We are seriously amplifying the chocolate content with this next muffin recipe. If you are a dedicated chocolate lover and all three main types of chocolate are what you crave then you need to make this scrumptious recipe.

This chocolate muffin recipe is packed with chocolate chunks to enjoy in every bite.

4. Mini Chocolate Muffins

Mini Chocolate Muffins
Source: Clesea

There is nothing quite like having the tiny version of something in your hands. If you are someone who finds a large muffin too big of a snack but still wants that rich, delicious chocolate muffin flavor, this is the recipe you need to make tonight.

5. Chocolate Breakfast Muffins

Muffins are great for breakfast! You might think eating chocolate for breakfast is strange but other countries do it! So if you want to revolutionize your breakfast, then you need to make these chocolate muffins tonight.

You can eat these muffins as a side for the perfect breakfast.

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6. Chocolate Chip Muffins

We had to include an option for those that enjoy chocolate but not as intensely. These chocolate chip muffins are the perfect option to make for those who only want a little bit of chocolate in their lives. They are not too rich, they are just right.

7. Chocolate Banana Muffins

This recipe for chocolate banana muffins is another great recipe for those who want to add a bit of sweetness to their breakfast. We’ve all accepted fruit muffins for breakfast, so surely fruit and chocolate would be fine.

If you are looking for super moist chocolate muffins, these are the ones for you.

8. Chocolate Oatmeal Muffins

Just because these muffins are chocolate doesn’t mean they can’t be guilt-free. We totally understand that not everyone is comfortable with eating a lot of chocolate in the morning, but this recipe will hopefully change your mind.

9. Vegan Chocolate Muffins

This recipe is for all of you who are vegan. If you are looking for a recipe for moist, decadent vegan muffins then this is the recipe for you to try. This recipe is so good, you won’t even be able to tell that they are vegan.

10. Egg-Free Chocolate Muffins

We had to include an egg-free option in this list and we have found the perfect recipe for you. These egg-free chocolate muffins are so rich, chocolatey, and moist no one would be able to tell that they were egg-free.

You need to make these delicious egg-free muffins tonight!

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11. Gluten-Free Chocolate Muffins

For those of you who have gluten intolerance, we have got you covered with this recipe. This recipe is simple to make and doesn’t require any fancy ingredients. If you want an easy gluten-free

chocolate muffin recipe, then this is the one to try.

12. Sugar-Free Chocolate Chocolate Chip

Some of you might be thinking that since these are chocolate muffins, they have to have sugar in them.

Well, we have found the perfect recipe for those of you who are sugar-free. If you want a recipe that makes decadent chocolate muffins without all the added sugar, this is the one you need to make right now.

13. Dairy-Free Chocolate Muffins

There are so many dairy-free options for foods so we knew that having one on this list was a must. This recipe makes tantalizing and moist chocolate muffins. If you are on the hunt for your tastebuds to be shocked with flavor, this is the best recipe for you.

14. Chocolate Chocolate Chip Nut Muffins

We thought we would close this list by having some chocolate muffins with added flavors. If you are looking for a way to make your chocolate muffins more sophisticated then this is the recipe that you need to try tonight.

15. Chocolate Orange Muffins

Chocolate Orange Muffins
Source: Good To Know

The last entry on this list is a tried and tested combination of flavors. Chocolate and orange. For those of you that are looking to add a bit of tanginess to your chocolate muffins, this is the recipe for you to follow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are My Chocolate Muffins Rising To One Side?

If your muffins are rising to one side or leaning there could be many reasons why this is happening. To help solve this problem and find out what is causing your muffins to rise to one side there are a few things you can check.

The first thing you want to check is your oven rack. Make sure that your oven rack is level because if it isn’t it can cause your muffins to lean.

Another reason that could be causing your muffins to lean to one side is to do with the oven itself. If the air circulation in your oven is stronger on one side it could be blowing the muffins to one side. Try and turn down the fan to see if that makes any difference.

If the temperature in your oven isn’t the same all over, this could be causing them to lean. To help with this, it is best if you cook one batch at a time in the middle of the oven.

Why Are My Chocolate Muffins Dry?

If your muffins are dry, there are a few reasons why this could happen. One reason is that you are overmixing your batter. To make sure you don’t overmix them in the future is to keep in mind that you shouldn’t mix the batter more than 12 times.

Another cause of dry muffins is overbaking them. If you have correctly preheated your oven then muffins shouldn’t take longer than 20 minutes to completely cook.

Why Are My Chocolate Muffins Dense?

Like with most muffin issues, the most common reason your muffins are dense is that you have overmixed them. Muffin batter shouldn’t be silky smooth like your usual cake batter, there might be a few lumps in it and that is fine.

Flour is very important in muffin recipes. When you are making muffins make sure you don’t substitute the flour for any type. Always stick to the flour the recipe calls for, as some flours make your muffins very dense.

Baking soda or baking powder could be the cause of your muffins ending up being dense. The tricky part with baking soda or baking powder is that you have to get the right amount of it.

Too little baking soda and baking powder mean your muffins won’t rise, which will make them dense. Too much baking soda or powder will cause your muffins to collapse, again making them dense.

The last thing to check is that you are not overbaking your muffins.

Final Thoughts

We have now finished this list looking at 15 chocolate muffin recipes that you can try tonight. Muffins are an awesome baked good, perfect for sharing or enjoying yourself. Hopefully, you are as excited as we are to bake some of these delicious muffins.

All that is left to say is enjoy baking these delectable chocolate muffins!


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