10 Outstanding Chocolate Chip Butter Cookie Recipes

Chocolate chip cookies can be a delectable and homely treat. The taste of chocolatey and buttery cookies can make you feel right at home. If you are having guests or family members, they are an ideal snack.

They are super easy to make and will likely be well-liked. However, it can be hard to find recipes that stand apart from the rest. To help you, we have selected some of the best recipes out there for you to try. Here are our top picks:

1. Chocolate Chip Butter Cookies from Taste of Home

These adorable cookies taste as good as they look. They require only a handful of ingredients, meaning that you do not need to spend loads of money on these cookies. They are extremely straightforward to make, only taking approximately 12 minutes to cook.

A small amount of vanilla extract has been added for a subtle hint of vanilla. The delicious chocolate chips will melt in your mouth, creating a delicious taste. This will give you an airy yet crisp texture that will be the envy of all your guests. Decorate these cookies with melted chocolate for an aesthetic touch.

2. Vintage Chocolate Chip Cookies from BBC Good Food

Up next, this recipe from BBC good food will be great for people who adore vintage recipes, akin to those your relatives used to make.

These soft cookies will have a spongy center that will be beloved by everyone who tastes them. It is a little more complex than the previous recipe, given that it requires more ingredients. However, this ensures that the cookie has plenty of flavors and a sweet taste.

The recipe will give you roughly 30 cookies, though this will obviously depend on the size of the cutter. Consequently, you will be able to feed your friends and family with them for quite some time. The chocolate chip cookies will take roughly 15 minutes to make, resulting in them being ideal for people with busy schedules.

3. Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies from Dr. Oetker

If you are even a moderate fan of baking, you will have heard of Dr. Oetker. This German baking company is popular for a reason. That reason is that they are experienced when it comes to baking. This can be seen in this incredible chocolate chip cookie recipe.

It takes a little longer than some of the other recipes in this list since it requires a 30-minute chilling period. Though this may put some people off, the recipe will nonetheless be outstanding for people who have the time. These cookies will be well-suited to lovers of shortbread.

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4. Salted Chocolate Chunk Shortbread Cookies from NYT Cooking

The fourth recipe on this list stands out because it utilizes salted butter. This adds a hint of salt to the cookies, providing a nice counterpart to the sweetness of the sugar and chocolate. If you prefer savory flavors to sweet ones, you may want to try this recipe out. These cookies manage to be both sweet and salty.

This recipe was crafted by Alison Roman after much experimentation. Therefore, you can trust that it will be a success for you. Roman has managed to revolutionize this classic chocolate chip cookie recipe.

5. Chocolate Chip Butter Cookies from the Baking ChocolaTess

If you are looking for a buttery texture, look no further than this excellent recipe. To make it, you only need 6 ingredients. This will save you time and money since you do not need to waste either of them in buying loads of difficult-to-locate ingredients.

In fact, all you will need is butter, vanilla extract, powdered sugar, all-purpose flour, corn starch, and chocolate chips. All of these ingredients are easy to obtain, making this a very convenient recipe. If you are looking for a gift, these cookies will be ideal. This is because they seem quite sophisticated to make, yet are actually incredibly straightforward.

6. Buttery Chocolate Chip Cookies from Betty Crocker

Like Dr. Oetker, Betty Crocker is a well-known brand in the baking world. In this recipe, it is posited that extra butter makes cookies even nicer. If you want to test this theory, give this delectable recipe a whirl.

To improve your baking experience, Betty Crocker has included lots of helpful tips and advice. Due to this, it will be hard to go wrong when making these cookies even if you are a novice baker. For instance, the recipe gives advice for lining the baking sheets which will be essential for beginners.

7. Brown Butter and Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies from Bon Appétit

This recipe is a little different from some of the other chocolate chip cookie recipes, in large part due to its inclusion of toffee. Bon Appétit has broken the conventions, creating these cookies that will feel heavenly to those with a sweet tooth.

Instead of using chocolate chips, this recipe calls for the use of chocolate toffee bars and chocolate wafers. If you are up for trying something a little different and unconventional, this appetizing cookie recipe will be right up your alley. Furthermore, this may be the right recipe for you if you are a lover of toffee and chocolate.

8. Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies from Delish

Next, this recipe utilizes brown butter to give its cookies a more unique and distinctive taste. If you like hints of caramel or nut in your cookies, you may want to give this recipe a go. If you follow this recipe, your cookies will have the ideal balance between soft centers and chewy edges.

Once you have made this dough, you will need to wait 2 hours for it to chill. While this may disappoint some bakers, this will give you plenty of time to get on with any jobs that need doing before you finish the method.

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9. White Chocolate Chip Butter Cookies with Biscoff from Five Boys Baker

Let’s face it, white chocolate tastes sublime. Its cocoa flavor is more subtle than dark or milk chocolate. It is much sweeter than other chocolates, making it the perfect ingredient for people who love sweet flavors.

If you are looking for a white chocolate chip recipe, try this one out. Though you can try replacing the chocolate in other recipes with white chocolate, this technique has been designed specifically for white chocolate.

The recipe has also added Biscoff biscuits and Biscoff cookie butter. Though you could leave out these ingredients, we suggest sticking to the recipe. The inclusion of Biscoff makes this recipe distinctive, creating an elegant flavor in its cookies that is unrivalled elsewhere.

10. Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies from Handle the Heat

The last recipe on our list is from Handle the Heat. When you eat a cookie, you want the center to be gooey and the outside to be chewy. This recipe manages to achieve this, creating a cookie that has the perfect texture and a flavor that is to die for.

Using both chocolate chips and chocolate wafers, these cookies are more than suitable for chocoholics. Because of this, these cookies are outstanding for people who like big chunks of chocolate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Butter Do to Cookies?

Adding more butter to a cookie recipe will cause your tasty creations to expand and spread more whilst they are cooking. This will have an impact on the texture of your cookies, causing them to be more thin and brittle.

The way in which you add the butter will also affect the cookies. You can either melt the butter, soften it, or leave it cold. Each of these application methods will result in your cookies being slightly different. Of course, it is advised that you follow a recipe’s instructions.

Why Have My Chocolate Chip Cookies Not Browned?

Once they have been cooked, chocolate chip cookies are meant to become a recognizable golden brown color. If your cookies have not adopted this color, it could be for a number of reasons. The main reason is that they were likely not cooked correctly.

For instance, you may have had your oven on at a temperature that was too low. Additionally, you may have taken the cookies out of the oven before they were fully cooked, meaning they might have needed a few extra minutes of cooking time.

To prevent these issues, put your oven at the exact temperature recommended by the recipe. Be sure to cook them for the right amount of time. You can tell if a cookie has been cooked by feeling its edge. If the cookie’s edge feels firm, it is done.

What Does Brown Sugar Do in Cookies?

Because it is good at retaining moisture, brown sugar will help cookies to be less dry. This will result in the cookies having a chewier texture than cookies made from other sugars, namely white sugar. This ability to retain moisture is due to the higher molasses content in brown sugar. Sugar will also add to the sweetness of the cookie.

Final Thoughts

If you have a sweet tooth, you likely love chocolate chip butter cookies. The reason why these cookies are considered iconic is because of their sweet taste and chocolatey flavor. If you are looking to make chocolate chip cookies, you cannot go wrong with the recipes above. Several have been included so that you can find the one that works best for you.


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