10 Stunning Lime Cupcake Recipes

Key lime pie is a classic American dessert that is loved up and down the country – but if you want to try and incorporate that flavor into other treats, why don’t you try making some lime cupcakes?

They are easier to make than a whole key lime pie, and simpler to divide up and to serve at a party or for a snack. If you love the taste of key lime pie but hate how long and tiresome making a key lime pie is, then you should try some lime cupcakes. They also make a creative alternative if you are fed up with key lime pie but citrus is one of your favorite flavors.

To make some amazing lime cupcakes, here are ten different recipes to try out! Take a look below and find the right lime cupcake recipe for you!

1. Key Lime Cupcakes

Key lime cupcakes are great light snacks to serve up at a party, especially as a great alternative to key lime pie as an after Thanksgiving dinner treat.

This recipe will help you make the perfect platter of key lime cupcakes. They are light and fresh, with a soft sponge and bright frosting that balances tart and sweetness to make a brilliant little treat. The strong lime flavors are included in every inch of these cupcakes, including the fluffy frosting!

Just follow the few simple steps included in this recipe to make enough key lime cupcakes to keep everyone refreshed and satisfied, no matter the event. They are a great alternative to traditional cupcake flavors which makes them an ideal choice to choose if you are looking for something really special.

2. Cream Frosted Lime Cupcakes

Some people prefer their lime cupcakes to be more muted and subtle, so here is a recipe for lime cupcakes where the lime is a lot less overpowering.

This recipe achieves this by adding just a touch of lime zest to the cream cheese frosting, where it gives you a very slight twinge of lime without causing your lips to pucker. The cream cheese frosting is still as light and soft as ever, and pairs incredibly well with the lightly zesty fluffy cupcake sponge.

This makes this recipe the perfect alternative for those looking for ways to bring down the zest of their lime cupcakes, especially if you know you will be serving some to some picky eaters.

The lime flavors are much more muted but still present, making this a lime cupcake that is closer to traditional vanilla cupcakes to suit everyone’s tastes.

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3. Lemon Lime Cupcakes

Lime pairs well with lemon as both are very citrusy and strong flavors, so it makes sense to combine the two flavors together in some lemon lime cupcakes!

Bring together these two tangy flavors by following this very unique recipe. What makes it so special is that it uses soda as an ingredient, making these cupcakes taste similar to a refreshing drink! It mimics the soda’s flavors perfectly, making these cupcakes very bubbly and perfect for a summer party!

Although it sounds like it shouldn’t work, trust us, it does. These cupcakes merge lemon and lime so well that you will probably forget that you used soda as a main ingredient!

So if you really want to try a recipe that is completely different and original, then try this one out!

4. Key Lime Coconut Cupcakes

Another flavor that pairs very well with citrus flavors like lemon and lime is coconut. Bringing coconut to your lime cupcakes enhances the tropical theme while balancing the zestiness of the lime with the sweetness of the coconut.

If you are eager to try this combination of flavors out, then follow this very simple recipe here! You will be left with some moist coconut cupcakes that are paired with a generous helping of lime frosting, bringing the two flavors together to make one amazing cupcake!

Neither flavor is drowned out by the other; the sweet coconut perfectly complements the tang of the lime, so this unique lime cupcake flavor will definitely go down a treat!

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5. Margarita Cupcakes

This recipe is for adults only as it brings everyone’s favorite cocktail to cupcake form!

Get a kick out of these cupcakes as they combine the refreshing zest of limes together with a strong taste of tequila. This makes this kind of cupcake a great treat to feature at an adults only party to complement their alcoholic drinks.

There is a generous amount of tequila in both the cupcake’s sponge and frosting so they are sure to give you vacation vibes and remind you strongly of a classic margarita cocktail! Enjoy them anywhere to get a taste of summer vacation no matter the time of the year!

6. Lime Drizzle Cupcakes

For a totally unique method to make lime cupcakes, try out this technique of drizzling lime juice into and over your baked cupcakes.

This drizzle method will leave your cupcakes with a sensational sticky texture to its surface, almost like a lime flavored glaze. It’s a great choice for those who only want a slight taste of lime, or if you want to feature the lime notes more clearly in the frosting rather than the sponge.

Either way, this recipe is a great way for your lime cupcakes to feature a different style and taste. They will taste completely different from regular lime cupcakes yet still be absolutely delicious.

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7. Key Lime Filled Cupcakes

If you really love the traditional taste and texture of key lime pie, then another way to translate that over to cupcake form is by filling your cupcakes with the same delicious filling of a classic key lime pie!

This recipe takes you step by step from making the lime zest cupcakes to how to insert the creamy key lime filling into the center of your cupcakes. This will make your key lime cupcakes incredibly soft and moist in the middle thanks to their cream cheese core, and you will be able to have a taste of key lime pie with every bite.

It’s a great way to sample the iconic key lime pie taste even after Thanksgiving is over, so don’t hold back and try this recipe out now!

8. Key Lime Cupcakes with Graham Crackers Crumbs

Another iconic part of key lime pie is the crumbly graham cracker crust. If that is your favorite part of the traditional key lime pie recipe, then don’t worry – here is a recipe for key lime cupcakes that also includes graham crackers.

This recipe brings over the crunchy texture of graham cracker crust by using crumbs as the base for the buttercream frosting. You can also press the graham cracker crumbs around the edge of the frosting and sprinkle over the top to really overload the crunchy texture.

The dryness of the cracker crumbs is perfectly contrasted to the moist cupcake sponge and smooth buttercream frosting, all combining together to help create the perfect key lime pie cupcake that features all the classic trimmings.

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9. Pineapple Cupcakes with Ginger Lime Frosting

For a really tropical treat in the form of a classic cupcake, try out this recipe to make your very own pineapple cupcakes topped with ginger lime frosting!

By combining these three flavors together, you can create a platter of cupcakes that balance both sweetness and zestiness in perfect harmony. The sweetness of the pineapple is enhanced by the inclusion of coconut oil, and they both complement the fresh lime frosting perfectly. The whole cupcake is topped off with a touch of spicy ginger, which will make you feel as though you should be on a tropical island.

It’s the perfect lime-based cupcake to serve up during the summer as it is heavily tropical themed and entirely delicious.

10. Coconut, Pineapple and Lime Cupcakes

For a recipe that gives you more texture as well as plenty of flavor, try out this recipe for a platter of wonderful coconut, pineapple and lime cupcakes!

This recipe balances all three flavors together amazingly well as it allows you to taste the tropical sweetness of the pineapple and coconut along with a touch of tanginess from the lime frosting. As for texture, these cupcakes are decorated with coconut flakes and lime zest to contrast against the creamy frosting and soft, bouncy sponge.

Overall, these cupcakes are a great choice to serve up during the hot weather to channel sweet summer vibes and a tropical atmosphere. Enjoy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Lime Cupcakes Last?

Cupcakes will keep for up to a week if stored at room temperature, but they are best enjoyed within 4 days of baking. After that they will start to go stale by drying out. If you keep the cupcakes stored in a refrigerator, they will last a little longer but no more than two weeks.

Are Lime Cupcakes Vegan?

None of the recipes we have included above are vegan-friendly as they contain animal products like eggs and cow milk, but it is very easy to swap out these ingredients for vegan alternatives such as flax eggs and almond milk.

Lime and lime zest are vegan ingredients so as long as you can find alternatives for the other cupcake ingredients, you will easily be able to make some very tasty vegan lime cupcakes.

Are Lime Cupcakes Healthy?

Lime cupcakes are just as healthy as every other cupcake – when eaten in the right amount, they are perfectly fine to eat. There is not enough lime zest or juice for this to count for one of your recommended five fruits or vegetables a day, but the other ingredients are not recommended to be consumed in great amounts.

Limit yourself to one lime cupcake a day as a treat, and you will be fine.

Final Thoughts

And there you go! Ten different recipes for lime flavored cupcakes! Each one is easy to make and leaves you with a platter of delicious cupcakes. You can even try shaking up the flavor with added ingredients like lemon or coconut.

So – why not try one of these recipes out the next time you want to try some baking? Give one of these recipes a go and enjoy your platter of stunning lime cupcakes! Remember to share!


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