10 Stunning Oreo Cupcake Recipes

Everyone loves Oreos right? 

These special cookies have been around for years, and yet people are coming up with cool and wonderful ways to use them to make something completely different and new!

If you are thinking of making some Oreo themed cupcakes, here are a few recipes for you to try out! 

1. Classic Oreo Cupcakes

Sometimes, you just can’t beat the original. 

This recipe will guide you down the right path to make the best classic oreo cupcakes. The resulting cupcakes will be soft and fluffy with a very sweet cream frosting.

What is so great about this recipe is that it does not overdo the flavors of the chocolate sponge or the cream, allowing you to really taste the Oreo flavors in all their glory!

Ideally eaten with ice cream or cookie dough, these classic Oreo cupcakes will probably leave you hungry for more – just try not to eat them all at once!

2. Peanut Butter Oreo Cookie Cupcakes

Peanut butter is one of America’s favorite spreads, so it makes sense to add this delicious treat to some Oreo cupcakes! 

The peanut butter flavor is completely balanced with the sweetness of the butter frosting and the chocolate note of the cupcake. This means that you get a healthy taste of each flavor and not a single one is drowned out by the other. 

Texture wise, the Oreo brings a satisfying crumbliness that is contrasted with the silky smooth frosting and spongy cupcake body. It’s a great patchwork of flavors and textures that merge together to create a nutty yet sweet treat!

3. Double Chocolate Oreo Cookie Cupcakes

For a really indulgent Oreo-inspired cupcake, try making these double chocolate Oreo cookie cupcakes! 

They are a great choice for those seeking an Oreo-based treat that will spoil you with strong flavors of chocolate.

The chocolate cupcake and sweet frosting is perfectly sandwiched between two Oreos, so you get a satisfying crunch and crumble with every bite of this unique Oreo cupcake recipe.

4. Strawberry And Cream Oreo Cupcakes

Bring together the fruity sweetness of strawberries with the chocolatey goodness of Oreos with this recipe! 

You will get to make a soft and fluffy cupcake body with a delicious cream cheese frosting.

Not only will your cupcakes taste amazing, combining the flavors of strawberry and chocolate together flawlessly, but they will also look amazing with strawberry and Oreo decorations. 

Seeing as strawberries and chocolate were just made to go together (obviously) then why not try bringing these iconic flavors together with the almighty Oreo! It just makes sense!

5. Golden Strawberry And Oreo Cookie Cupcakes

Not everyone enjoys chocolate, so why not try making some golden strawberry cupcakes with Oreos instead? 

The strong chocolate flavors are instead swapped out for notes of vanilla and caramel in this recipe, so these cupcakes are just as sweet as other variations.

The strawberry also brings a delicate fruity flavor too, merging with the vanilla and caramel to create a delicious melody of sweetness. 

If you are also concerned about the chocolate in the Oreo, then just pick up a packet of golden Oreos instead! They taste just as good as normal Oreos, just without the chocolate flavor.

This way, you can meet everyone’s needs when it comes to supplying cupcakes for a party or to just suit your own. 

6. White Chocolate Oreo Cookie Cupcakes 

Similar to the double chocolate cupcakes, this recipe for white chocolate Oreo cookie cupcakes includes a delicious creamy filling. 

Light in texture, both the creamy filling and cream cheese frosting make this cupcake a moist treat to tuck into. Although I found the white chocolate flavor to be lacking, just ramp up the flavor with a little melted white chocolate of your own. 

Not only is this recipe ideal for lovers of white chocolate, it is also great for those who don’t like dry cakes and prefer their cupcakes moist and creamy. Thanks to the middle filling, that goal is achieved with minimal fuss! 

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7. Oreo Funfetti Cupcakes

Perfect for every birthday celebration, why not switch out the conventional birthday cake with several Birthday Cake Oreo Cookie cupcakes! That way you don’t have to mess around with cutting slices – everyone can just take one and eat it!

It’s a creative choice that does not mean you have to compromise on the birthday cake flavor. The strong flavors of vanilla and sweet sugar helps make this version of the classic Oreo cupcake extremely sweet coupled with creamy Oreo frosting! 

The sprinkles included in this recipe also add a lot of color as well as a nice crunchy texture to pair with the crushed Oreos perfectly. 

If you want to try and really ramp up the birthday cake flavors, then you can try and get your hands on some of the elusive birthday cake flavored Oreo cookies to include in this recipe instead of regular Oreos.

Unfortunately, they are limited edition so they do come and go in availability – but there is enough birthday cake vibes in these cupcakes thanks to the crunchy sprinkles and strong notes of vanilla! 

8. Gingerbread Oreo Cupcakes

These gingerbread Oreo cupcakes are perfect for the holidays as they are filled with one of the most iconic holiday flavors – gingerbread

This makes these cupcakes a real comforting treat to eat as you can taste very strong notes of ginger through the whole cupcake.

The flavor is not just all ginger, however – there is plenty of sweet vanilla in the smooth buttercream icing and the Oreos are used as the perfect cupcake liner. 

So make something different for the holidays and try out these gingerbread flavored Oreo cupcakes!

9. Oreo Crusted Orange Fanta Cupcakes

Who would have thought that Fanta and Oreos would work so well together in a cupcake?

Well, someone out there had this amazing idea and they really struck gold! Both the flavors of the Oreos and the Fanta blend perfectly together in this very unique recipe.

They both work together to make a delicious cupcake with strong notes of both chocolate and orange all the way through. 

Also, when it comes to texture, these cupcakes are also amazing. The Oreos are crumbled up to make a crunchy bottom layer that not only holds the cupcake together, but also serves as a surprising treat once you get to the bottom.

The strong orange and chocolate flavors in this cupcake make it a real treat, and one perfect for holiday celebrations like Halloween or Thanksgiving.

You can even add food coloring to make different colored frosting so your cupcakes look as creative and unique as they taste!

10. Red Velvet Oreo Cookie Cupcakes

And finally we have the richest cupcake of the lot – red velvet Oreo cookie cupcakes! 

Now these Oreo cupcakes are a real treat. Firstly, they taste amazing as the recipe includes making an indulgent cream cheese frosting as well as a strong chocolate body.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the Oreos – they are included many times in the recipe so you can taste that iconic cream filling with every bite. 

Secondly, these cupcakes also look amazing. They are a dazzling red color that makes them perfect for holidays like Valentine’s Day and the single Oreo added to the frosting for decoration is truly the cherry on top of this amazing cupcake recipe

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And there we have ten unique recipes to make Oreo cookie inspired cupcakes! 

They are easy to make and you can add so many different kinds of flavors and tastes. They are also great for lots of occasions including birthdays and parties.

They are so delicious that you are bound to get a lot of compliments for your bakin after serving up a couple of delicious Oreo inspired cupcakes. 

You can even try taking your favorite flavored Oreos and make any kind of cupcake inspired by its ingredients – so be creative and get baking! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Oreo Cookies Vegan? 

Oreo cookies are vegetarian friendly, but they are not vegan.

Although many claim that Oreos are vegan friendly because they do not contain milk, the company OREO themselves have said on their website that they are not vegan friendly because they contain milk as cross contact. 

This cross contamination means that although Oreo cookies do not contain milk in their recipe, they do come into contact with milk in their production process and therefore cannot be classed as vegan. 

Are Oreo Cookies Gluten Free?

No – Oreos are made using wheat flour, so they contain gluten. However, there are gluten-free cookies that look and taste similar to Oreos available with other companies.

How Many Flavors Of Oreos Are There? 

There are a lot of Oreo flavors – some people have counted over 85 different flavors worldwide! Such flavors include birthday cake, gingerbread, caramel apple, key lime pie, and so many more.

That’s a lot of options when it comes to making an oreo cake that’s for sure! There are even different types of Oreo cookies including some with extra stuffing and Oreo Thins – extremely thin versions of the original cookie! 


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