Which Is Better: Almond Bark Or White Chocolate

Calling all bakers out there! We’re going to answer the age-old question once and for all: what is the difference between almond bark and white chocolate and which one should you use?

Which Is Better: Almond Bark Or White Chocolate

Both almond bark and white chocolate are used interchangeably in the baking world, but they are certainly not the same. Read on to find out about the similarities and differences and which one you should use!

Surface Differences 

Almond bar and white chocolate are very different things and this can be seen by simply glancing at the ingredients in the two. Almond bark contains flavorings, colorings and vegetable fats.

White chocolate is made up of cocoa butter, sugar and milk solids. These ingredients make for completely different tastes and textures, with almond bark tasting waxy and flavorless, and white chocolate tasting creamy, sweet (and delicious). 

Almond Bark: What Is It?

Don’t be deceived by the name because almond bark does not actually contain any almonds! Confusing, I know. The name derives from the way that almond bark was used originally which was to coat almonds.

This is still one of the ways that almond bark is used today. Almond bark is made from sugar, coloring, flavoring and vegetable fat. The flavorings include things like vanilla or chocolate.

It is also used when dipping fruit because it both melts and hardens very easily.

Due to almond bark’s nature of melting easily, it is often used in baking instead of white chocolate. Chocolate can be very difficult to melt correctly, and this eliminates any difficulties in that regard.

White Chocolate: What Is It?

White chocolate is made from milk, cocoa butter and sugars. While it is definitely what we consider chocolate it is actually not technically chocolate either as it does not contain chocolate solids.

Why Use Almond Bark As A Substitute For White Chocolate?

The main reason for the substitute is that almond bark is much easier to melt and so it is much easier to melt over other things and in baking.

We’ve all been that person who burns the chocolate for the chocolate fondue because the melting point of chocolate is such a delicate thing! The existence of almond bark removes that stress for the baker.

It is super easy to melt – just stick it in the microwave – and it is sweet, giving the food or the baking some extra sweetness. It also solidifies on things in a very smooth way which looks great. 

While there is something to be said for the taste that white chocolate brings to certain things, the ease of almond bark is a perfect alternative. 

What To Make With White Chocolate 

When you are making a rich and sweet dessert, you can’t go wrong with some white chocolate. It has a very distinct (and delicious) flavor which will take your dessert up a notch. 

Things like white chocolate mousses are excellent dessert options. Mousse is classy and easy to make. All you need is egg yolks, white chocolate and cream and voila!

This dessert would not be the same if you substituted the chocolate with almond bark.

White chocolate is also great in a variation of banana bread! With white chocolate chips, the banana bread is transformed!

What To Make With Almond Bark

What To Make With Almond Bark

While you could opt to dip your fruit using white chocolate, you are saving yourself some time and stress by replacing this chocolate with almond bark!

You will also be improving your presentation. Dipping strawberries in almond bark is quick and easy because almond bark melts and hardens very easily!

If you find yourself making cakes or brownies, almond bark can work well as a substitute for chocolate. You can use almond bark in anything that you would use white chocolate in.

It is easier to melt to add to the recipes. Almond bark is vanilla flavored and so will add a great flavor to your baked goods!

How To Melt Almond Bark

When you are using almond bark, it usually needs to be melted. The best way to do this is in the microwave. Simply place the almond bark in the microwave and turn it on for 20 seconds at a time. If you do it for any longer than this, it may burn. 

Which Is Better: Almond Bark Or White Chocolate

Chocolate and almond bark do have some similarities. Almond bark is better when it comes to melting it and using it as a spread. It is glossy and creates a fantastic finish on your baked goods! Chocolate is better when it comes to taste.

Really, only you can decide which one means the most to you! Why not give both a try and see which one you work with better. You can always chop and change on your decision depending on what is more important to you in each individual case.

Final Thoughts 

While almond bark is a great substitute for white chocolate in some instances, there are some desserts or situations where only white chocolate will hit the spot.

However, almond bark is a fantastic alternative to dipping fruit and making sure the presentation of your baking is on point!

Now you know all the similarities and differences between the two, you can make your own informed decision on when to use it as a substitute and when to stick to your good old white chocolate!


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