15 Chocolate Pie Recipes You Can Make Now

There are few things in life that can replace the absolute bliss of a wonderful chocolate cake.

However, what is even better? A chocolate pie. We love pie. We love chocolate. Whatever genius thought to introduce those two and create this masterpiece?

15 Chocolate Pie Recipes You Can Make Now

Whoever they were, we thank them for it. Cake is great but a chocolate pie, takes the cake, smashes it, and stands in its place as the number one best dessert in the world!

Anyway, we know you are eager to find out how to make one of these gorgeous desserts yourself, so, without further ado, we will introduce you to the 15 most mouthwatering recipes around!

It is not entirely possible to choose a favorite, but we have picked out our five favorite recipes for chocolate pie.

These five recipes are mouthwatering, easy to make, and will certainly upgrade your baking, leaving you feeling proud and sweet as pie!

Our Top 5 Picks

1. Chocolate Chess Pie (Taste Of Home)

Only taking 30 minutes to prep and 40 minutes to cook, who could want anything more than this delicious recipe. It is chocolate all around. It is a butter-crusted pie, with a smooth chocolaty, creamy custard filling.

It carries the aura of a brownie. You cannot go wrong!

2. The World’s Best Chocolate Pie (The Spruce Eats)

With a total baking time of under 5 hours, this will keep you busy in the kitchen. It is sweet, creamy, and chocolaty, what more could you ask for? The pie shell is filled with a chocolate filling, made even tastier using bakers chocolate.

Top it off with some homemade whipped cream and welcome to heaven!

3. Minny’s Chocolate Pie (Food & Wine)

Sometimes less is more. Minny’s chocolate pie gives you everything you need, a classic version of a chocolate pie that you just cannot say no to.

Taking less than 2 hours to make, it is great for new bakers who want to make a chocolate pie but don’t fancy slaving away in the kitchen just yet.

4. Chocolate Cream Pie II (All Recipes)

The perfect mixture of chocolaty goodness, perfect pastry and cream galore, this is a mouth watering edition that even the best cheesecake in the world could not one-up.

It’s not a recipe for the lactose intolerant, but if you want a creamy kick, this is sure to hit the spot.

Just thinking about it is enough to make your mouth water!

5. Chocolate Pie (The Pioneer Woman)

Yet another example of how less is more. A basic chocolate pie recipe. You can always personalize this once you have got the hang of it and add in your own touch. We love this one because it is ideal for beginners, new to baking pies.

All it takes is a basic crust and a chocolate pudding filling.

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Other Chocolate Pie Recipes

We could go on all day about our top five, but there is much more on offer out there than just these five recipes.

There are so many ways to make a chocolate pie, and there are recipes for expert bakers and people who are new to baking and making dessert foods. Something for everyone. So, we will give you a peak at 10 other amazing chocolate pie recipes.

Let’s get cooking!

6. French Silk Pie (Taste Of Home)

For the more ambitious bakers, a French silk pie is perfect. Taking less than a whole hour to make, besides chilling, this pie is beautiful. If you want something silky and chocolaty, this is perfect.

It’s far from healthy, but it will surely win your heart!

7. Milk Chocolate Cream Pie (Food 52)

Be right back, we have got to run to the store to pick up the ingredients for this. Just the photo alone is enough to make your stomach start rumbling.

This recipe has a chocolate black-bottom base, which just adds to the flavor of pure chocolate. Its creaminess and perfect pastry is a perfect combination to sit with the chocolate filling.

8. Chocolate Cream Pie (Dessert Now Dinner Later)

Remember how less is more? This easy chocolate pie can be made with the most basic store bought ingredients. Perfect for beginners.

With a sweet whipped cream, creamy chocolate cuddling, all inside a flaky pastry crust. Just try and stop us from digging our teeth into this.

Someone grab a fork!

9. No-Bake Chocolate Cream Pie (The Spruce Eats)

This chocolate cream pie is perfection. If you love the fluffy texture of a trifle, but the crunch of a pie, this bake is a no-brainer, as well as a no-baker. While it does take time to make, it is totally worth it!

You can make it up in the morning and chill it in the refrigerator all day. Why use pastry to make a pie, use cookie crumb or graham crackers instead!

This revolutionary new way of making chocolate pie is sure to make your mouth water!

11. Old Fashioned Chocolate Pie (New South Charm)

Nothing quite beats old reliable, does it? This recipe is perfect for beginners and novices, with ingredients coming from your pantry. You probably have everything you already need for this in the cupboards.

It is so easy but so delicious. An old classic, plain and simple.

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11. Magical Chocolate Pie (Sallys Baking Addiction)

This is another chess pie. It is unapologetically rich, made like a chess pie cross fudge pie hybrid. The ultimate decadent dessert to tingle your taste buds awake. In the oven it rises like a souffle and falls as it cools, this ends up creating a meringue-like top.

It tastes as glorious as it looks, for sure!

12. Chocolate Mississippi Mud Pie (The Spruce Eats)

Let us not forget the wonder that is a good mud pie. Super easy to make, you will be addicted, so better get a gym membership to help you lose those pie pounds you’ll be putting on. The butter and chocolate combination in this mix is so soothing.

The crumbly top resembles the cracked Mississippi River mud, and tastes better, though.

13. Chocolate Almond Silk Pie (Taste Of Home)

We all love chocolate, there is no doubt about that, but who can say ‘no’, to the addition of some nutty undertones in your pie? Chocolate pie mixed with almonds makes for a decedent nutty haven.

14. Bev’s Chocolate Pie (All Recipes)

Only taking over an hour, and looking glorious on the table, we all need this pie in our lives. Half chocolate, half homemade meringue, it is impossible to deny this pie the love and many eats it deserves.

15. HERSHEY’S Gone To Heaven Chocolate Pie (Hershey’s)

This list would be incomplete without a word from the king of chocolate. If you enjoy Hersey’s chocolate, why not incorporate it into a delicious pie? It takes the longest of all these pies, as it is also a no-bake option. However, for any Hershey’s lover, it is worth it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Chocolate Pie Runny?

If you find that your chocolate pie is runny, then it is likely that you did not cook it for long enough to let the chocolate coagulate. This should happen around 160 degrees Celsius. However, also be mindful not to overcook the filling as well. As a baking beginner, it can be useful to have a food thermometer on hand to help you get it just right.

How Long Will My Chocolate Pie Last In The Fridge?

A freshly baked chocolate cream pie will usually last around 3-4 days in the refrigerator. This is highlighted for cream based pies, as dairy is one of the items of food that goes off the fastest. If you bake a chocolate pie without dairy products (a vegan option, for example) then it may last longer.

Why Is My Chocolate Pie Not Setting?

If your chocolate pie filling is too hot, then it is possible that the filling has not had time to set yet. When you pull the pie out of the oven, put it somewhere cool, such as a window sill. This will help the pie to cool down. The cooling process will probably take about three hours or so.

While it can be tempting to puncture the pie to help it cool down faster, it is best to just give it enough time to cool naturally for the best results.

How Do I Thicken A Chocolate Pie Filling?

One of the best ways to thicken a chocolate pie filling is with eggs and cornstarch. It does depend on your recipe, however.

To Conclude

We all love chocolate, and we all love pie, mixing them together is the obvious choice to make our lives a little more tasty. It doesn’t need to be difficult, and whether you are a new baker or seasoned baking veteran, it doesn’t matter if there is a recipe out there for everyone!

Eat happy, eat sweet, eat large!


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