15 Delicious Chocolate Spice Cookie Recipes 

Looking for a festive treat? Chocolate spice cookies are perfect for all occasions from Halloween to Christmas, and they are very easy to make.

These cookies normally contain cinnamon, cloves and ginger, all of which go beautifully with the taste of chocolate.

In this article, we’ll be looking at 15 recipes for making delicious chocolate spice cookies for any diet or occasion. 

1. Decorated Chocolate Spice Cookies

You will need a cookie stamp to replicate the intricate designs shown in the picture for this recipe. The dough contains cocoa powder, ginger, cloves and cinnamon which makes for a great festive combination.

After cooking, they are covered in an orange butter glaze that brings out the patterns really well and adds a delightful citrus edge to these cookies. With this recipe, you can make 12 artisanal cookies in 55 minutes.  

2. Chocolate Mixed Spice Cookies

These chocolate cookies have a crispy exterior with a soft, chewy center that is packed with interesting flavors.

They use mixed spice, which you can buy from most supermarkets, just make sure the one you buy is suitable for desserts.

You won’t be able to put down these little balls of spicy chocolate cookie dough.

In fact, once they are out of the oven, the smell might make it difficult to let them cool without succumbing to the temptation to tuck in. 

3. Sicilian Chocolate Spice Cookies

Tetu is a specific type of Sicilian cookie that contains chocolate, orange zest, cloves and nutmeg.

The tetu made by this recipe have crushed walnuts in them, which goes great with the cocoa and various spices.

They are glazed in with a mixture of powdered sugar and milk. If you want, you can add almonds to these cookies instead of walnuts, or dust your cookies with candy sprinkles to make them look more festive. 

4. Italian Chocolate Spice Cookies

There are four eggs in this recipe to give the cookies a softer center that melts in your mouth. They also contain chopped walnuts, cocoa and cinnamon for a dough that is bursting with exciting flavors.

With sprinkles dusted over the glaze, these cookies look great for any occasion, be it a birthday party, Christmas or even just a regular Saturday.

It takes only 40 minutes to make 60 delicious cookies, which is another thing that makes this recipe great for parties. 

5. Epicurious Chocolate Spice Cookies

These cookies are low in fat and calories, but don’t let that make you think they aren’t still delectable little balls of spicy, chocolate, delight.

With applesauce instead of egg, these cookies can be easily made vegan by using margarine instead of butter.

Molasses is used instead of refined sugar, and it makes the recipe sweet without overpowering the flavor of the cocoa powder and ginger. 

6. Vegan Chocolate Spice Cookies

This is another recipe that uses molasses and ginger to make a cookie that tastes so good you’ll struggle to believe they are completely vegan.

They have the perfect balance of chocolate and spice, with cloves and cinnamon alongside the ground ginger.

The best part about this recipe is that it doesn’t take very long at all, and your cookies will cook in just fifteen minutes. However, you will need to let them cool for an hour to ensure they come off the tray without breaking. 

7. Chocolate And Raisin Spice Cookies

If you like a bit of fruit in your cookies, then you should consider this recipe. It contains raisins, cinnamon and pecans alongside a dashing of cocoa for a deliciously festive cookie.

They take just ten minutes to cook, and the specified proportions will yield 60 sumptuous spicy chocolate treats with a unique fruity edge. Once they have cooled, you can finish these cookies with a little confectioners sugar icing. 

8. Almond And Chocolate Spice Cookies 

Almonds and chocolate go together very well, and these cookies have a healthy helping of both.

The only spice in this dough is cinnamon, which is all you need to add a tasty contrast to the chocolate without overpowering the other ingredients.

If you want these cookies to look like they do in the picture, you will need a star shaped cookie cutter. Before baking, toss your cookies in icing sugar to make them sparkle like any stars should. 

9. Vegan Spiced Chocolate Chip Cookies

There are five different spice in the dough for these delicious vegan chocolate chip cookies. With ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and a pinch of nutmeg, this is the perfect recipe for cold winter nights.

The chunky chocolate chips add a great texture and taste amazing next to all the spices.

These cookies only take 20 minutes to cook, including prep, which makes them great for those days when you want a delightful treat but can’t be bothered to spend hours cooking. 

10. Cocoa Molasses Spice Cookies

This recipe recommends using unsulphured molasses, with no additives, for the best taste. They have a great selection of flavors to compliment the cocoa, including the option of adding white pepper for a unique spicy kick.

The molasses and turbinado sugar give the cookies a beautiful deep orange coloring that looks so appetizing.

Sadly, you can’t tuck in as soon as they come out of the oven, as they will need to cool for an hour to prevent them breaking when they come off the tray. 

11. Chocolate Spice Cookies With Vanilla Royal Icing

If you are looking for some tasty treats for the festive season, then these chocolate spice cookies are just the thing.

They contain nutmeg, cinnamon and molasses for a rich flavor that perfectly compliments the chocolate.

These cookies take only 8 minutes to cook but need to cool for an hour once they out of the oven.

While you wait, you can whip up the vanilla royal icing included at the bottom of the recipe and add some awesome decorations to your cookies. 

12. Swiss Chocolate Spice Cookies

These Swiss chocolate spice cookies are traditionally named Basler Brunsli.

They are made from almond flour, which makes them completely gluten-free You only need five ingredients to make these gorgeous chocolaty cookies, which makes them very easy to make.

You need to let the dough sit before baking to get the right consistency, but once you taste the end result, you will be very happy you waited. 

13. Vegan Chocolate Spice Cookies

The eggs in this recipe are made from flax seed and water, which helps to give the dough enough moisture. With both almond and oat flour thrown into the mix, these cookies have a beautifully wholesome texture.

The dark chocolate is complemented by healthy doses of cinnamon, cloves and ginger.

You can be enjoying these cookies after only 30 minutes of cooking and prep, and they don’t even need to cool when they come out of the oven. 

14. Spiced Flourless Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies

Looking for something a bit spicier? Why not try these delicious Mexican chocolate spice cookies that don’t require any flour at all.

Instead, they are made from a combination of almond butter, melted chocolate, cocoa powder and egg. The spice mix contains cayenne pepper for a spicy kick that gives a new meaning to the phrase hot chocolate. 

15. Italian Spiced Drop Cookies

These little cookie balls have a sumptuous, soft center that is bursting with flavor.

They are made from cocoa, milk vegetable oil and a wonderful blend of festive spices, including nutmeg and cinnamon.

Before you put them in the oven, you can roll the balls of cookie dough in icing sugar to give them a crispy outer coating. It takes 38 minutes to make a batch of 36 cookies, so give them a try next time you are hosting a party. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Molasses More Healthy Than Sugar? 

Many of the recipes in this list use molasses, which is a raw extract taken from refined sugar cane. This sweetener is still very sugary, but it also contains several nutrients and antioxidants that give it certain health benefits.

While it  shouldn’t be eaten in excess, it is still a more healthy option than refined white sugar. 

What Are The Best Spices For Adding To Chocolate Cookies? 

Chocolate spice cookies taste best with a blend of nutmeg, ginger, and cinnamon. All of these spices go well with the taste of cocoa and will give your cookies a deep, rich flavor.

You can also add cloves if you like, however some people don’t like this spice, so feel free to omit it from any of the above recipes if you prefer. 

How Do I Mix Up A Flax Seed Egg? 

For the vegan recipes in this list, you may need something to replace the egg found in many of the other cookies. The best thing for this is a flax seed egg, which is made by mixing flax seeds with water.

Take one tablespoon of ground flax seeds and mix them with 3 tablespoons of water. Let this mixture sit in the fridge for up to 15 minutes, or until it has noticeably thickened. 


Chocolate spice cookies are the perfect treat for Christmas, Halloween or any other special occasion. Some of these recipes take so little time that you can make them on any day you want, provided you have all the ingredients.

Give them a try as a tasty treat for your next party or just on a rainy day when you are feeling in the mood for something sweet. 


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