15 Delicious Hot Chocolate Bomb Recipes

Hot chocolate is the type of deluxe drink that nobody can truly get enough of, it’s great for any occasion and even in summer, it can be enjoyed through the late summer evenings around the campfire!

So, why not indulge yourself a step further with 15 delicious hot chocolate bomb recipes to spice up the holiday season.

Chocolate bombs are fun for all the family and also make great gifts or stocking fillers around Christmas, so there really is nothing to lose with making your own hot chocolate bomb recipes!

1. Easy Hot Chocolate Bombs Recipe (Video) – Gluesticks Blog

All you’ll need is a decent silicone mold to make the chocolate bomb shapes and your desired filling to make a delicious hot chocolate bomb to watch disappear into your hot cocoa!

Simply make the molds and fill them with marshmallows and chocolate shavings before sealing two half chocolate circles together into a bomb shape!

Once you’ve done this and left them to chill in the fridge, you’ll have the perfect chocolate bombs to watch implode in your hot chocolate.

2. Hot Chocolate Bombs – Fresh April Flours

The great thing about making your own chocolate bombs is that they are so easy to make and so fun to watch completely dissolve into your hot chocolate!

They’re essentially made of ganache chocolate that has been hardened into a ball or pod shape, then when it’s added to milk or hot chocolate, they completely melt away and you’ve got the creamiest most delicious hot chocolate drink left to enjoy in front of the fire or for a movie!

3. Hot Chocolate Bombs Recipe With Free Printable Gift Tags – Living Locurto

This hot chocolate bomb recipe uses no mold to make the chocolate bombs and is decorated to be a red-filled candy filled with the hot chocolate mix!

This recipe requires melting the chocolate and letting it set in cupcake tin molds which can then be sandwiched together using more melted chocolate once you decide what fillings to put inside!

It’s that simple, so if you don’t have a mold to hand, this recipe has a way for you to achieve delicious hot chocolate bombs, with what you’ve got at home!

4. Hot Chocolate Bombs Recipe: Easy Step by Step Tutorial – Chel Sweets

These adorable hot chocolate bombs are the sweetest feature of any movie night and are so easy to make for yourself!

This recipe uses a dribble of chocolate on top of the bombs to add for the decoration and chocolate flakes for the coating of the bomb to make it extra fun to watch dissolve in your hot chocolate later on in the evening!

They also make for fabulous gifts to brighten anyone’s day and your family members and loved ones will adore how cute these bombs are in their drinks!

5. TikTok Hot Chocolate Bombs – I Am A Food Blog

We’ve found you the easiest hot chocolate bomb recipe out there and if time is not on your hands and you want something that does the job without the fuss, this is the recipe!

Simply melt your chocolate in the microwave if it’s quicker, and spoon it in the molds.

Once set fill your molds with marshmallows and hot chocolate powder, and seal your bombs together with some spare melted chocolate!

Once they’ve been left to chill and harden, you’re all set to go so enjoy the wondrous effect and magic of your homemade hot chocolate bombs!

This one is also a Tik-Tok favorite to film and make at the same time so if you’re a fan and a blogger, then why not film the process this holiday season at the same time and share this recipe with all your followers!

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6. THE BEST Hot Chocolate Bomb Recipe [2022] – DIY Craft Club

We’ve found a deluxe hot chocolate bomb recipe to tie you over this Christmas and it is an exciting one to make!

This recipe involves making the bombs as usual, but the end finishing touch is all in the chocolate powder that has been coated onto the outside of the bombs to create a more thick and delicious hot chocolate drink!

It’s an extra detail that goes the extra mile in providing you with a heartwarming hot chocolate drink for all your loved ones to enjoy alongside you. A little always goes a long way with smaller details.

7. Snowman Hot Chocolate Bombs (Video) – Gluesticks Blog

If you thought hot chocolate bombs couldn’t get any more precious and sweet, you would be wrong my friend! These snowman hot chocolate bombs will be a hit amongst all children and are so fun to make.

They do require a small amount of effort to make them compared to usual hot chocolate bombs, but around the holidays going the extra mile is appreciated to bring your whole family together.

Any child will be delighted to watch a snowman dissolve into their favorite delicious hot chocolate drink and it will really complete any Christmas evening with your loved ones.

8. Mexican Cocoa Hot Chocolate Bomb Recipe – Kids Are A Trip™

It’s hard not to fall in love with hot chocolate bombs that have more thought and effort put into them!

These hot chocolate bombs have been inspired by Mexican cultures and are just divine mixed together with any hot chocolate mix. This recipe involves the use of exotic spices to give your hot chocolate bombs something extra special this Christmas.

The spices also add to the flavors of the hot chocolate drink when the hot chocolate bomb dissolves so you really cannot beat the spiced hot chocolate aromas!

And if you’re looking for something more for adults to enjoy, we recommend this recipe with some added spiced rum to add to the flavors in the chocolate bombs!

9. Spring Hot Chocolate Bombs – From Val’s Kitchen

When spring comes, so do the brightly colored hot chocolate bombs to bring some fresh joy to the still cold days, however, with the temperature beginning to warm up, an evening hot chocolate outside in the garden can still be enjoyed with these delicious hot chocolate bombs.

We love the playful decorative pieces that have been added to this recipe’s hot chocolate bombs and the white chocolate bomb casings make for cute bombs any time of the year!

10. S’mores Hot Chocolate Bombs – When Is Dinner

So we all know how easy hot chocolate bombs can be made from home, right?

Well, if you’re looking for more of a challenge during the holiday season, why not indulge in this s’mores hot chocolate bomb recipe that makes use of creating your own smores inside hot chocolate bombs!

The marshmallows in this recipe are heavenly and you won’t regret the extra effort when you’re enjoying a luxurious hot chocolate in front of the fire this evening!

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11. Peppermint Bark Hot Chocolate Bombs Recipe (Video) – Gluesticks Blog

When it comes to hot chocolate bombs, the recipes are beautifully made and simple most of the time.

And whilst this is what makes us love our hot chocolate bombs so much, why not try something a little different this time and incorporate peppermint into your hot chocolate drinks?

Peppermint can be so delicious when mixed with rich chocolate so go nuts with the amount of peppermint you mix into the recipe! The more the better.

12. How To Make Hot Chocolate Bombs For Explosive Flavor – Cut Side Down

Fancy a challenge at making the most extra and exciting hot chocolate bombs this Christmas?

This recipe is the creme de la creme of hot chocolate bomb recipes and is a favorite for the perfectionists out there looking for a recipe to impress the whole family with!

This recipe is so easy to be creative with as you can melt any chocolate down to use for the shells, the toppings, and the chocolate drizzle for decoration.

13. Valentine’s Hot Chocolate Bombs – From Val’s Kitchen

We love nothing more than sharing and spreading the love all year round, so why not try your bets with this valentines day hot chocolate bomb recipe to get you and your partner involved in baking together!

It’s impossible to not have fun doing something like this together and the end result is just delicious for the both of you to enjoy.

14. Caramel Hot Cocoa Bombs – Amanda’s Cookin’ – Candy

The best thing about hot chocolate bombs is that you can pretty much use any flavors and combinations possible and still have a delicious hot chocolate drink at the end of it!

These caramel-infused chocolate bombs make for a creamy and sweet hot chocolate drink for anyone to enjoy and they’re super easy to make!

15. The Best Nutella Hot Cocoa Bombs – Hispana Global

Everyone likes Nutella right? It’s the perfect combination of chocolate and nuts together and we think this Nutella hot chocolate bomb recipe is the one for any nutty and chocolate lover out there!

Nuts and chocolate are a delicious combination for hot chocolate so you really can’t go wrong with this recipe. Try any chocolate and nut spread you like to make this recipe as whatever you’ve got available will work great!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Make Hot Chocolate Bombs With A Chocolate Mix?

Make sure to fill your molds ¾ full with your hot chocolate powder mix and add in as many optional toppings or ingredients as you like to make it extra special for you and your family! Pour the remaining melted chocolate over the top to seal your bombs and once they’ve set in the fridge, you’re good to go!

Should I Use Silicone Or Acrylic Molds For Cocoa Bombs?

It depends on what you’re going to use to make the hot chocolate bombs, so if you’re using candy melts or another type of candy, it’s best to stick to silicone.

However, if you’re serious about making these hot chocolate bombs for selling purposes, you’ll want to consider the molds you use and which works best for the overall results.

Final Thoughts

Hot chocolate bombs are divine any time of the year, but especially around the holidays, so we hope you can find a hot chocolate bomb recipe to suit your Christmas spirit this year!

They’re impossible to mess up as the end result is going into making your perfect hot chocolate so go nuts and have some fun with any of these recipes!


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