How To Order A Cake From Costco? (Different Cake Designs)

Need a delicious cake at short notice on a limited budget? You should opt to order a cake from Costco for your next birthday, graduation, baby shower, work event, or simply to provide a treat during the holiday season.

The only problems may be which design to go for and which flavors you want to suit your desires. Try to get your order in early to avoid disappointment, especially for the holidays.

In this guide, we will look at how to order a cake from Costco, their cake designs, and some helpful FAQs. 

How To Order A Cake From Costco 2022 Cake Designs + FAQs

When To Order A Cake From Costco?

Ideally, you have a few days to spare before the special occasion as cake orders simply have to be submitted at least 24 to 48 hours in advance.

Plus there is the time taken to pick up the cake too which has to be accounted for. Alas, Costco does not have an option to order a cake over the phone or online though certain warehouses can accept Cake Order Forms by fax. 

How Do You Use The Costco Cake Order Kiosk?

At your local Costco warehouse, there should be a cake kiosk in the bakery department. Take your time as you will want to peruse the designs they currently have on offer, get familiar with the Cake Order Form, and learn how to submit it.

There should be a stand with displays of the cakes they offer and it will also offer some guidance on how to complete the form successfully.

You will also find a pen and some blank Cake Order Forms that you can complete and there is a lot to choose from.

You could choose from a 10-inch round cake which should serve 16 people or a half sheet cake which will serve up to 48 people.

There are also flavor options including chocolate cake which comes with chocolate mousse and chocolate buttercream icing or white cake which comes with vanilla cheesecake mousse and white buttercream icing.

Confirm what writing you would like on the cake and then note down the color you would like the writing to be in.

Finally, you will need to complete the last section which is for your member information including your name and the date and time of your pick-up. 

Make sure your phone number is on the form and that it is correctly listed. The last thing you want is for there to be an issue with your cake that you are not aware of until you arrive at the store to pick it up.

Any questions or problems with the order should be confirmed before the pick-up date or you may be left disappointed. Once you have fully completed the form, place it into the hold at the Cake Order kiosk. 

The calendar will also be helpful as it will display which dates the Costco store will not be open so they cannot be used as a pick-up date.

If you want a cake for the holidays then make sure you can pick it up the day before at the very latest. That includes Christmas, Thanksgiving, Labor Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day, Easter Sunday, and New Year’s Day.  

What Cake Designs Are There? 

If you can decide on a flavor easily enough then wait until you see the range of cake designs that Costco offers.

From a Rose with color options, a boy or girl Carriage, the American Flag, a Beach, some Balloons, a Clown, a Bear, a Dinosaur, and even a Caterpillar.

Not to mention a smiling Sun, Princess Crown, Music, Cross, Candles, Chocolate Bouquet, Lattice Heart, Bouquet, and Scored Rosebuds. 

Sports are also covered with options including a Skateboard, and those for Tennis, Soccer, Hockey, Golf, Football, Basketball, and Baseball. You can also request some writing on the cake or a seasonal design.

The Scored Rosebuds Design

The Scored Rosebuds is a specific cake design you can get from Costco. You can pick from blue, red, or yellow colored rosebuds.

The scored sheet cake is also helpful to cut as there are lines in the frosting so you know where to plant your knife for a few even slices. 

The Candles Design

For a birthday cake, the candles design is ideal as it also includes multiple colors including green, red, blue, and purple. You can also have sprinkles around the border of the cake for that extra touch. 

The Roses Design

For a beautifully decorated cake, opt for the roses design. A white rose will look great for a baptism and ideal for an intimate wedding. You can also choose red roses for a more romantic option. 

The American Flag Design

For a 4th of July party, you should pick up a Costco cake with an American Flag design. Just make sure you pick it up the day before as the store will be closed for public holidays.

The design comes with the red, white, and blue flag though the sheet cake also comes with a blue border and ‘God Bless America’ in blue writing.

Of course, you can customize the cake to say whatever you want in a color of your choice. 

How To Order A Cake From Costco 2022 Cake Designs + FAQs (1)

The Graduation Design

Graduations should be celebrated and you can do so with a cake designed at Costco. The design includes a graduation hat complete with the year of graduation.

The sheet cake looks a little more extravagant with balloons and sprinkles on the red and blue border.

The Baby Shower Design

Of course, baby showers need to be celebrated and Costco has a specific design to wow the crowd. The round cake comes with a rattle and booties while both cakes have ‘Welcome Baby’ written out.

However, the sheet cake does come with a colored border and sprinkles too.

What Other Cakes Are Available?

The Costco Tuxedo Cake

If you want a more sophisticated design for your event then consider the Costco Tuxedo Cake.

This comes with a cookie section filled with white and dark chocolate and a soft brownie center which is coated with a chocolate shell for an added crunch.

The top of the Tuxedo Cake also includes chocolate sticks for that extra touch of class with an intricate design. 

The Costco Fruit Cake

For a cake at short notice, grab a Costco Kirkland Fruit Cake which should be available at the Costco Wholesale warehouse. These cakes are moist as well as full of dried fruit and nuts including red and black cherries.

Though they are already dense, you can add a layer of icing or marzipan when you bring the cake home. 

Does Costco Do Wedding Cakes?

You cannot have a wedding without a wedding cake and Costco can provide one. Try to place your order as quickly as possible so you know that it is in line and should any problems occur you should be notified in good time.

For a customized cake, you can expect it to be decorated expertly with flowers, ribbons, and candles. There are also custom fillings including chocolate or vanilla buttercream, and even raspberry jam.

Why Should You Choose Costco For Your Cake?

For a bakery that can provide a cake at relatively short notice at a great price fit for most budgets, few can beat the Costco bakery.

The menu is extensive so you should not struggle to find an appropriate design, whether that be on a sheet cake or a more customizable option.

Costco’s staff are also helpful and they should be able to advise on cake decoration to suit your requirements, no matter what the theme. 

How Do You Pick Up Your Cake From Costco?

Check your Cake Order form for the pick-up date and time that you specified.

As long as everything has gone smoothly for the cake, you can expect it to be packaged and ready in a special cooler, typically with a large ‘Special Order Cakes’ sign.

These cakes will each have their own order form attached so find yours, pick it up and take it home with you. 

Final Thoughts

Whatever the special occasion, you should consider ordering your cake from Costco as it is simply so easy.

Pick up a Cake Order Form, fill it in with your requirements and make sure you can return to the store to pick it up from the cooler.

There are so many designs to choose from that you should find the right one. Even if you simply want a plain cake or a flavored one, take a look at what’s available in their coolers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does A Cake From Costco Typically Last?

When you buy a cake from Costco, be aware of how long it will last just in case you have any leftovers after the main event.

You should keep the cake refrigerated and a cake covered with ganache or buttercream will usually last for between three and four days.

However, if the cake includes cream, custard, cream cheese, or especially fresh fruit, you can only expect the cake to last for one to two days at the very most.

Finally, a cake with cream cheese frosting should be kept in the refrigerator for one to two days and it should then be allowed to reach room temperature for an hour or so before serving. 

What Dessert Items Can You Expect From Costco?

Aside from their cakes for special occasions, you can expect to find Plain Cheesecake and a Tuxedo Chocolate Mousse Cake at a Costco bakery.

For something different, try their Butter Croissants, Muffins, Almond Danishes, and Raspberry Crumble Cookies. 


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