How To Store Fresh Macarons: Sensational Storage Ideas

Macarons are a delicious variety of cookies. As with many foods, they will need to be stored properly if you wish to keep them fresh.

From freezing to using airtight containers, we have lots of sensational storage ideas for your macarons.

Macarons make delicious desserts with a touch of luxury. These brightly-colored confections are lots of fun to make. If you want to save yourself the hassle of baking, you can also buy scrumptious macarons from bakeries.

How To Store Fresh Macarons: Sensational Storage Ideas

However, as with lots of foods, macarons will only stay fresh for a limited amount of time. Once this time has passed, the quality of the macarons will decline sharply. Eating an expired macaron is far from a pleasant eating experience.

Luckily, there are several steps that can be taken to maximize the freshness of a group of macarons. Namely, you must ensure that they are properly stored. Here are our top tips for storing these sweet treats.

What Are Macarons?

Macarons are a delicate French confection. With a baking method similar to meringues, macarons also have a crispy outside and a chewy interior. 

Typically, they are flavored with almond meal or ground almonds, though the flavor can vary. For instance, chocolate, caramel, and raspberry are popular flavors. Among the other ingredients are egg whites and sugar.

These confections are typically given bright hues via food coloring. You can find macarons in a wide variety of different colors, such as blue, pink, green, and yellow. This gives them an appetizing and eye-catching appearance.

To make a macaron, two pieces of the confection are sandwiched together. The agent used to glue the two pieces together varies. For instance, buttercream or ganache can be used.

This gives the macaron more flavor and increases the moisture content of the treat. These fillings can also be colored to add to their aesthetic appeal.

As mentioned, macarons originate from France. Consequently, they are very popular in this country. Bakeries are lined with shelves of macarons, sold with a variety of different designs.

How To Store Macarons: Our Incredible Ideas

If you have made your own macarons, you must wait for them to cool before you can move them to be stored. It is best to leave them on a wire rack to cool down. These items are designed to properly circulate air, leading to the contents cooling quickly.

It is important to wait for the cookie pieces to cool before applying the filling. This is because macaron filling, such as jam, ganache, and buttercream, can melt. Moreover, the macarons might crack if you attempt to move them when they are still warm.

Another reason why you must wait for the macarons to cool is that they will be too soft. As previously mentioned, macarons should have a hard exterior and a chewy interior. Without proper cooling time, this optimal texture may not develop.

Once you have cooled the macarons and applied the filling, you should store them quickly. Luckily, we have a few different storage options for you to try. This includes:

Put Them In An Airtight Container

Any airtight container, such as a plastic box, will be sufficient for storing macarons. These containers are designed to prevent oxidation.

This is a chemical reaction that occurs when food is exposed to air. It results in foods expiring quicker than they normally would. Often, the texture and taste of food are altered following oxidation.

Make sure that the container is completely dry before you add the macarons. This is because the moisture will be transmitted to the confections. Also, make sure that you have thoroughly cleaned the container, as any dirt can also adversely affect the contents.

We recommend laying a piece of parchment paper on the base of the container before placing the macarons on top. This will stop the confections from sticking to the container. Plus, this can prevent moisture. Not to mention, it looks nice!

Put the macarons delicately into the container. This will prevent you from accidentally breaking them. You should try to space the confections apart from one another. This is because the fillings can sometimes stick, resulting in two macarons bonding together.

Ideally, you should only put a single layer in this container. If you intend on putting macarons atop one another, it is recommended that you separate them with another thin layer of parchment paper. This will also stop the contents from sticking together.

Once you have filled the container, be sure to put the airtight lid on snugly. The container will only prevent oxidation if it has been closed properly. 

At room temperature, macarons will only last for a day or two before they expire. Thus, if you are cooking a large quantity of them, this might not be the optimal option.

Freeze The Macarons

If you want to make them last for as long as possible, freezing the macarons is a magnificent idea. Once frozen, macarons would last for approximately 3 months.

Some people maintain that they can be frozen for up to 6 months, though we believe that this is too long to keep the macarons. By this point, they will have started to expire.

The great thing about this option is that you can gradually defrost the macarons. Consequently, you can have them whenever you want.

You must ensure that the macarons have been well packed before placing them in the freezer. This is because freezer burn is a risk. This causes food to lose its moisture, giving it an unpleasant texture once defrosted. As a result, you must avoid freezer burn!

As with the previous method, it is best to transfer your macarons to an airtight container. You should also wrap the macarons in parchment paper or foil. With any luck, this should secure them from freezer burn.

Buy Specialized Macaron Boxes

Buy Specialized Macaron Boxes

Unless you are a professional baker, you likely aren’t aware that you can purchase boxes specifically designed to hold macarons. If you look hard enough, you can find boxes custom designed for the majority of baked goods. 

For instance, we love these MCART macaron boxes. These boxes can easily be bought online. You might also find them in some baking stores, though they are pretty rare when it comes to shopping in person.

You can buy these boxes in a variety of sizes and shapes. This means that they can fit different numbers of macarons.

You can even buy individual storage boxes, which are ideal for edible party favors. Many of them feature see-through components, allowing you to show off your baking skills!

These storage boxes are incredible gifts for parties and other events. You can give them to guests, who are certain to enjoy these tasty macarons.

Therefore, if you wish to add a touch of luxury to your next party, you should consider giving macarons away in these boxes as gifts.

Once in these boxes, you can put the macarons in the fridge or leave them at room temperature. However, you should bear in mind that some paper boxes might not thrive in the cold temperatures of the fridge.

If you are concerned about the boxes being ruined, you can put a test one in the fridge that doesn’t contain any macarons to see how it will fare.

Place Them In The Fridge

The fridge is perhaps the ideal place to put your macarons. This is because they will last longer than at room temperature. Thus, unless you intend to eat all of your macarons in one day, it is suggested that you keep them in the fridge.

When placed in the fridge, macarons can last for 3 days. You don’t want to keep macarons in the fridge for any longer than this, as they can adopt a texture that is overly soft.

Before putting the macarons in the fridge, you must first move them to an airtight container. This will fend off oxidation and moisture, which could affect the texture of the confection.

Though you can put the macarons anywhere in the fridge, arguably the middle shelf will be optimal. This is because it is the shelf that is least subjected to temperature fluctuations.

We definitely advise avoiding placing them in the fridge door, as this is where the temperatures will change the most.

Before eating a macaron, it is recommended that you take them out of the fridge for 30 minutes. This will allow them to reach room temperature.

Though you can eat macarons straight from the fridge, they are best consumed at room temperature. If you plan on giving macarons to guests, you should remember to take them out of the fridge prior to serving them.

What Happens To Improperly Stored Macarons?

Fresh macarons will only last for roughly 3 days before they begin to go bad. Shop-bought varieties can have a longer shelf-life, though this can vary depending on the brand.

You will have to rely on the use-by date to determine how long these macarons have before expiring.

Stale macarons will adopt a dry and crumbly texture. Even the filling will become dry. This will make them incredibly unpleasant to consume. Instead, the texture of a macaron should be soft on the inside and hard on the outside.

The scent of a macaron will also adjust once they have expired. The taste will likewise become blander. Therefore, if you notice a change in the aroma of the macarons, then we do not recommend eating them.

You might also see some visible patches of mold on the macaron. This is clearly a sign of expiration.

As a result, if you notice any mold on the macaron or the storage container, it is recommended that you discard it immediately. Eating moldy food can lead to sickness, so it is best to avoid eating it.

Macaron Storing Tips

Whether you have shop-bought or homemade macarons, we have some helpful tips for keeping your macarons as fresh as possible. This includes:

  • Never leave the macarons uncovered for long. Oxidation can occur quickly and can be lethal to the macaron’s texture.
  • When defrosting macarons, your best bet is to transfer them to the fridge. It should take a few hours for them to fully thaw. You can also defrost them at room temperature if you’re in a hurry, though this might not be the optimal method.
  • If you are using a cream as a filling, we urge you to place the macarons in the fridge. This is because the filling can melt, resulting in the macaron losing its structural integrity.
  • It is best to stay away from storing these treats in plastic bags. Though they are generally great for food storage, they tend to let moisture in. Not to mention, the macarons can start to stick together if placed in a bag. Furthermore, they will provide little protection, potentially resulting in the macarons being smashed.
  • You can fill the meringue parts of the macaron without the filling. Once thawed, you can sandwich the two pieces together with a filling. This gives you the opportunity to mix up your filling options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Macarons Difficult To Bake?

Yes, macarons are a little more fiddly to make than the average biscuit. As a result, it might take some practice before you can perfect these confections.

Even if your macaron is not perfect, it will still be delicious. Therefore, you should not be afraid to attempt this challenge!

Do Macarons Go Soft In The Fridge?

If you use an airtight container and only keep the macarons for three days, they will not develop a soft or mushy texture. On the other hand, if you keep them in the fridge for longer than this, they will start to soften.

Should Macarons Be Chewy?

Yes, there should be a chewy element to these desserts. Namely, they should have a chewy center. Meanwhile, the shell of the macaron should be a little crunchier. This texture is characteristic of macarons, so it is essential that you nail it alongside the flavor.

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