15 Amazing Pancake Cake Recipes

Pancakes are so versatile – it’s no wonder there are so many recipes for them! And pancake cakes are extremely popular too. They’re a great, delicious way to make and use pancakes – and there are so many different ways of making them!

You’ll find 15 of the absolute best pancake cake recipes right here!

1. Pancake Cake Recipe

This recipe is so great, as it’s the perfect way to start learning how to make your very own pancake cake. You’ll get three delicious cakes, each eight inches round. ALl that delicious cake, in just 50 minutes!

Don’t let the simple title of this recipe fool you into thinking that it’s not going to be delicious and full of flavor, however – as it certainly is.

The candied bacon that you’ll make (using bacon, maple syrup, and brown sugar) makes the perfect sweet and yet savory accompaniment to this fantastic treat.

2. American Pancake ‘Cake’ (Old Fashioned Pancakes And Coconut Cream)

This is such a delicious recipe – and, as the author writes, it certainly takes decadent to a new level! It’s so sweet and satisfying, combining beautiful buttermilk pancakes with a homemade coconut cream frosting.

Top it all off with some delicious summer berries, and some edible roses for further decoration, and you’ve got a fantastic dessert that both tastes and looks amazing!

And if you somehow find that it doesn’t get eaten straight away, you can even keep it in the fridge for up to 2 months.

3. Strawberry Lemon Pancake Cake

A touch of color is rarely a bad thing – and the beautiful color that your pancakes will take on with this recipe will delight almost as much as the delicious flavor does!

To get that lovely pink coloring is actually really easy too – using pink pitaya powder will give you a great looking color that goes so well with both the bright red strawberries, and the delicious whipped cream topping!

And, of course, add some deliciously tangy lemon zest on top to finish the whole dessert off!

4. Matcha Mille Crepe Cake

This recipe is definitely for you if you’re looking for something wildly different from the usual recipes for pancake cake!

This recipe for matcha mille crepe cake will have you make layers of delicious green tea crepes instead of the usual pancakes, using matcha for the green coloring and green tea flavoring.

Each is also dusted with delicious matcha too, giving them an extremely vibrant green hue! You’ll need to be patient after the 20 minutes prep time and 40 minutes cooking time – give them around 3 hours to rest and cool.

Serve with some fresh whipped cream for a delicious Japanese treat!

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5. Pancake Cake With Maple Cream Frosting

This recipe will give you enough great tasting pancake cakes for 6 servings, each packed with a deliciously creamy filling! AaYou’ll start by making pancakes according to the recipe – don’t forget to add some vanilla extract to give them a delicious boost of flavor!

The filling is made from cream cheese, mixed with Greek yogurt, maple syrup, and confectioners sugar – making it creamy, milky, but also extremely sweet and sticky – so delicious!

And, as the author says, you can have these for breakfast too if you like – although maybe adding a little less sugar would be better for that time of the day!

6. Rainbow Pancake Cake

DO you want to make a delicious tasting pancake cake that’s got all of the colors of the rainbow? Of course you do – which is why you should have a good look at this fantastic recipe for rainbow pancake cake!

You’ll only need a few simple ingredients – most of which are standard for cake making anyway. The main difference here, of course, is the use of food coloring – and the great thing about this is that you can pick whatever colors you like!

7. Savory Pancake Cake

Not everything made with pancakes has to be sweet, of course! If you’re after something that’s more on the savory side, then a recipe titled “Savory Pancake Cake” should definitely be something you investigate.

This is packed full of great tasting ingredients that are quite far away from the fruitier tastes of a lot of pancakes. There’s cream cheese, to give it a deliciously rich filling – surrounded by pumpkin, with just a small hint of lemon juice to give it a delicious tang.

8. Baked Apple Pancake Dump Cake

Apples are absolutely perfect for baking – so this recipe for baked apple pancake dump cake is going to taste so good, as it’s absolutely filled with them!

And, as with so many desserts that involve baked apples, you’ll be sure not to forget the half a teaspoon of cinnamon that gives it a delicious warmth.

A little goes a long way with cinnamon! It’ll barely take you half an hour for this recipe to be ready, too – until then, you’ll just have to enjoy how good apples smell when they’re baking!

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9. Strawberry Pancake Cake

The title of this is actually quite deceptive – because there are far more than just strawberries in this delicious recipe! In fact, strawberries are only a small part of the delicious fruity flavor that’s on offer here.

You’ll use strawberries, sure, but there are just as many blueberries and raspberries too. Not to mention the four ripe bananas that you’ll mash up into the mix!

Add some almonds and dates to pack the filling out even more, and you’#ve got a great filling for this recipe. Top with even more strawberries and some whipped soya cream!

10. Banana Chocolate Chip Pancake Cake

Bananas, chocolate chips, pancakes… you can already see how delicious this recipe is going to be just by seeing those three key ingredients listed! And, of course, this recipe lives up to that, being absolutely fantastic tasting.

You’ll use a few mashed bananas for this recipe. Ones that are slightly overripe are the best, as they’ll be nice and soft – green ones might well be too hard for you to mash reliably.

Add in half a cup of chocolate chips, of course – and you’ve got a treat that’s absolutely delicious.

11. Banana Upside-Down Pancake Cake

The secret ingredient of this recipe, Aunt Jemima pancake mix, is of course an important part, especially as it saves a bit of time and effort – but nobody who eats it will be thinking about whether the mix came boxed or you made it yourself! Instead, the delicious caramelized bananas will be all that’s on anybody’s mind.

This is a really rich recipe, made richer by the half spoon of cinnamon, and two tablespoons of rum! So delicious, nobody will ever suspect that you “cheated”!

12. Chocolate Raspberry Pancake Cake

This is a delicious breakfast treat that you could actually have time to make in the morning! It’ll take you half an hour total to have this delicious breakfast treat rustled up – 15 minutes to prepare, and just another 15 to cook!

After that short time, you’ll have delicious chocolate pancakes, stacked on top of each other and held together with a raspberry whipped cream filling.

Top with more raspberries and some powdered sugar, and you’ve got a sweet and fruity way to start off the day!

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13. Whipped Cream Raspberry Pancake Cake

This recipe will delight the whole family – it’s so fruity and light! All you need is a hot plate and flat pan to cook these too – no real baking required! The filling is so simple to make too, as all you’ll need is some whipped cream and raspberry jam.

And, of course, as the recipe says, there’s nothing to stop you adding some extra flavors to the mix too – such as strawberry jam, or Nutella! Decorate with fresh raspberries – or maybe strawberries!

14. White Chocolate Raspberry Crepe Cake

White chocolate might not be quite as popular as its darker cousins, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t absolutely delicious – because it certainly is!

The white chocolate filling that you’ll make in this recipe (also using whipping cream, cream cheese, vanilla extract, and some powdered sugar) is great tasting – and, of course, the better quality white chocolate you have, the better filling you’ll make!

Don’t forget the delicious raspberry filling too – made with fresh raspberries, sugar, cornstarch, and with an added few tablespoons of lemon juice to give it a tiny little bite!

15. Blueberry Pancake Cake

This is another recipe that will save you some time and effort, as it uses premade pancake mix! This means that you’ll only need to spend 5 minutes to prepare this delicious cake, before putting it into the oven.

That might not even be anywhere near enough time for your oven to be hot enough – so make sure that you turn your oven on before you start, and don’t put your mixture into the oven until it reaches 350 degrees.

Once it’s at that temperature, you’ll have this delicious blueberry pancake cake baked in around half an hour!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Pancakes And Crepes The Same?

Well, that can be quite a point of contention! Crepes are usually quite a bit thinner than pancakes are, but they are made similarly to pancakes, with a similar mixture of ingredients. It’s possible to substitute crepes and pancakes for each other in a lot of recipes.

How Long Have Pancakes Been Around?

Pancakes of varying kinds are actually thought to be one of the oldest foods eaten by humans, being around since prehistory!

Are Pancakes Eaten Worldwide?

Yes – and there are very many different ways of making them worldwide, with different ingredients and many different meals and desserts associated with them. Pancakes of some sort seem to belong to pretty much every nation and culture!


With so many delicious recipes, it’s hard to know where to start. Whichever one you begin with, you’re sure to make something absolutely fantastic!


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